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Not Suitable For Utah 1.4: No Such Thing as Halfway Nets

It seems all roads in Utah College Football lead to Boise State. This team it was BYU that had its College Football playoff dreams crushed by the Broncos, and the game wasn't even on blue turf. Kyrie Irving cannot enter a gym in New York due to his vaccination status, which means no home games in Brooklyn. The Nets say it means no basketball for Kyrie Irving--the ball is in Irving's court, but the organization appears prepared to play this season without his services. Between Baker Mayfield not being a franchise quarterback and Patrick Mahomes not being the best quarterback in the NFL, we're probably better off without the daytime talking heads. Jon Gruden won't be talking to players or a television audience again anytime soon, if ever. We look ahead to games of interest in Week 6 in the NFL and the National Hockey League is under way.

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