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Sports Talk and The New Normal

Updated: Sep 16

You have to be tired of hearing about the "New Normal" by now. Frankly, I've grown tired of hearing a lot of things, and I've wondered how tired people may have grown of hearing me. So, I've been quieter than usual. The truth is, two hours late at night, after the dignified crowd has called it a night, that's a good time for my voice to be out there.

The important things going on in the world, someone should discuss them. I could use my platform for more than I do. That's just not my lane. Not taking anything at all seriously is kind of the brand we're selling around these parts.

This time we are living in, unfortunately, does not lend itself to good times. That's how the status quo seems to want it. For those of us that don't meet the qualifications to join the Fun Police, we don't want a New Normal. Really, I'm not out to piss anyone off, but the old normal is just fine.

I don't make the rules for anyone else, so they can do what they do. As for me, sticking to sports sounds fantastic. That's my fun, and I hope there are plenty of night owls want the same sociology lecture they can get when the sun is up. I don't want to come across like an asshole, but I don't care if someone out there thinks I'm an asshole.

I don't go against the grain, you know, to be different, and I don't fit in anyone's box. We try to avoid math and we'd sooner crack some joke that won't age well than discuss any nuanced political subject during our time, a time we can and will choose to discuss literally anything else.

There will be things we skip, subjects we choose not to bring to the air. We probably would not have fun with any of it. Don't mistake omission with crazy agenda or lack of compassion. Don't confuse my gratitude about the return of sports with a lack of responsibility or out-of-wack priorities.

For four or five months, we found ways to discuss sports in a world that more or less without sports. Now that they're back, I have no desire to walk on eggshells. I've been quiet for too long, not too eager to make public the first thing that comes to mind. Looks like the sports are back and they seem like they're here to stay.

Can I talk?


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